Setting up email filters

When you receive an SMS or a Voicemail you can ask Google to send you an email. In order for GVMax to work, these emails from Google must be sent to GVMax. This is done via email forwarding. The forwarding is done by creating an Email filter.

This page describes the steps you need to perform if you are not logging in to GVMax using your google voice password. When using your Google voice password all of this is should be done by GVMax automatically.

NOTE: You can still get GVMax to automatically create these filters even if you registered without using your GoogleVoice password. In your account page you will find a 'Create Google Voice Filter' this will ask for your Google Voice password which will be used only for creating the filter, it is NOT stored at GVMax. (Note: GVMax can only create email filters on GMail accounts, the one attached to your Google Voice account).

If you prefer to setup your account manual, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1 - Tell Google to send you emails when you receive SMS

  1. Login to your google voice account
  2. Once logged in follow this link
  3. Check the 'Email the message to' check box
  4. Check the 'Forward SMS messages to my email' checkbox
  5. Click 'Save Changes' button

Step 2- Forward Google's emails to GVMax

You will need to create an email filter at the account where Google Voice is forwarding his emails to. This is usually your GMail account. The email filter should forward any email from * OR to your forwarding address. If you are using GMail then you can follow the following detailed steps.
  1. Login to your gmail account
  2. Once logged in follow this link
  3. Click on the 'Create a new filter' link at the bottom of the Settings section.
  4. Enter the information shown on the following image
  5. In the 'From' text field enter ' OR'
  6. Click on the 'Next Step >>' button
  7. Check the 'Forward it to:' checkbox and enter your forwarding address in the text field beside this checkbox (you can find your forwarding address in your account page).
  8. Check the 'Skip the Inbox'
  9. Click the 'Create Filter' button.


When creating the filter Google may ask that the forwarding email address be verified. GVMax will automatically authorize the email address, but it means you will have to go throught Step 2 twice. The first time to you will get stuck as Google tells you it has sent an email to for verification. Wait a minute or so for GVMax to receive the email and automatically verify it and start over. The second time around you will be able to select the email address without the need for verification.